passion pit "SLEEPYHEAD"
design, direction, editorial & finish by THE WILDERNESS

passion pit's break out song SLEEPYHEAD was received with much excitement which made tons of buzz when our video was released. we based our direction and design on laszlo maholy-nagy's light space modulator which incorporates, glass and metal plates rotating around as light passes through and reflects about the piece. taking this as the core for our idea, we shot michael, first, against a black background. we cut that footage with the perfected mouth movements and exported stills to get printed. we took the prints, glued them to the cubes, and started shooting. the motorized rig had a mirrored base which gave cool yet subtle light effects. we shot a slew of supporting elements (baby powder, dust) and shot the keyboards and christmas lights in stop-motion. this was an intense and time-consuming process. however, we were determined to keep our process seperate from the computer until the final composites and edits.