out hud "IT'S FOR YOU"
direction, editorial & graphics by THE WILDERNESS

the video for out hud's IT'S FOR YOU, some of who are members of !!!, was largely inspired by crafts. we used water, fabric, paper, glitter, yarn, plastic rats, roaches, and trees to create world populated by vermin. the video is something of an exploration of that world. the narrative begins in the center of the pseudo-earth and slowly displays scenes farther away from our worlds core. the band members were composited onto plaques, then over the stop motion set as trophys, representing themselves as the last signs of an extinct species. we continue to pull out showing scenes in the lives of these rats and roaches (watching television, cooking dinner). the video ends in space as we observe floating beer cans, chairs, pancakes. the finally is watching the vermin spread to other worlds, leaving the audience with the implication that they will become the superior species of other worlds, as well.